How to Dry Waterlogged Baseballs?

How to Dry Waterlogged Baseballs

If you’ve played catch with a wet baseball, you know the feeling.  In spite of your best efforts, it keeps wanting to slip out of your hands. You need to dry it off before it’ll be playable again. In this article, I’ll show you how to dry waterlogged baseballs.


How to Dry Waterlogged Baseballs

There are many ways to dry out a baseball, I’ll go from the easiest way to the most extreme one.

Step #1: Fan it

Start by giving the ball a good fanning with your hands. Just as the back of a man’s neck tingles when he’s nervous, the leather covering on a baseball can tingle when it gets wet. The more you fan it, the more it’ll want to stay dry.

Step #2: Let it rest

If you’re in a hurry, though, this may not be enough. In that case, try placing the ball in a cool, dry place and letting it rest for several hours before playing with it again. The cool temperature will help the leather dry out quickly.

Step #3: Use a fan

If you’ve tried both of these options and the ball is still wet, try using a fan to speed things up. Place the ball in a place—maybe on a porch—where cool air can blow across it. The ball will dry more quickly than if it’s just sitting there.

Step #4: Use a hairdryer

If you have a hairdryer, try blasting it with air hot enough to dry out the ball. Just keep an eye on it, and let your hair dry first!

Step #5: Try an Oven

In case the ball is waterlogged. It’s time to put it in the oven but you need to set the oven right. Put the baseball in the middle of the oven and set the temperature low (like at 180F). You don’t want to melt the cover or make the ball shrank. Set the timer for 20 minutes and check the ball after 20 minutes. If it is still wet, put it back in for 10 more minutes.

Step #6: Take it easy

After you’ve dried out your baseballs, go easy on them for a few days afterward.


How Do You Clean Old Baseballs?

There are many ways to clean old baseballs. Here are some of them:

Clean Baseballs With Bleach

You can clean your baseball using bleach, soap, and water. Take a sponge or towel and dip it in the mixture. Wrap the rag around the ball and rub it clean. It may take several cleanings, depending on how dirty the ball is.

Clean Old Baseballs

Clean Baseballs in Hot Soapy Water

You can use hot soapy water to bring your baseball back to its original shine. First, take most of the dirt off with a ball cleaning brush. Then, use your fingers and thumb to get into all the grooves. Wipe the ball clean with a rag and then dry it with another rag. The more you rub the covers on the ball, they will gain a new shine again.

Use Glycerin to Clean Baseballs

You can also wipe down your baseballs using glycerin. Just use a cotton ball and just a few drops of glycerin. Rub the ball clean and then dry it with a towel or paper towel.

Remove Using Baking Soda

You can also use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to clean your baseballs. Just pour some on a wet sponge or cloth and start scrubbing. Wipe off the dirt that you can get with your hands. Then, dry it with a damp cloth to get rid of any residue on the ball.

How Do You Get Mold Out of Baseballs?

There are different ways to get the mold and mildew off of baseballs. The most effective way is using hypoallergenic soap (like Dove) to wash the baseballs. The soap can easily get rid of the mold in the ball, without making it yellow or discolor it in any other way.

Sometimes, you’ll need to use a toothbrush or a nail brush to scrub out the dirt from your ball’s cover. However, do not use metal tools to scrub the ball. Some hard metals can scratch or even shatter the balls.

structure of a baseball

What Makes Baseballs Fall Apart?

Just like in the case of other sports equipment, baseballs often start falling apart after a while. Sometimes, a ball will start disintegrating because of exposure to light and heat. Some baseballs also lose their shape due to repeated usage. When this happens, it’s best to toss it away and buy a new one.

Final Words

As we all make mistakes in taking care of baseballs, I hope you’ve found this article helpful. I did my best to give you all the necessary information about how to dry waterlogged baseballs. Try to make your baseballs truly fly again.

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