Cleat Sheet-May 21, 2018

Nico Goodrum

The Cleat Sheet is a CliffsNotes collection of in-depth statistical tidbits about current Tigers players.

Tigers hitters have struck out in only 15% of plate appearances against left-handed pitching over the last month.

Jose Iglesias has swung and missed only 10% of the time against right-handed pitching in the last month.  That is the 2nd best mark in the major leagues.

Nicholas Castellanos continues to get it done against lefties.  He has an on-base percentage of .526 vs lefties in the last month, the best mark in the major leagues.

Nico Goodrum can hit a fastball.  He is slugging 1.600 against pitches 94 MPH and above in the last two weeks.  Best mark in the major leagues.

Tigers starting pitchers have a strike rate of only 56% when going through a lineup for the third time in a game over the last 30 days.  That is the lowest mark in the major leagues.

Tigers relievers have allowed an on-base percentage of .383 since the start of last season, the worst mark in the major leagues.  The bullpen has also had some difficulty in getting the first hitter out.  Since the start of last season, the Tigers pen has allowed a BABIP of .343 against the first batter faced in an inning, worst in the major leagues.

The Tigers continue their assault on left-handed pitching.  They are now batting .284 against southpaws since the 2017 All- Star break, tops in the major leagues.

JaCoby Jones has an on-base percentage of just .188 on the road over the last month.

James McCann is batting .400 against left-handed relievers since the start of the 2016 season, the best in the major leagues.

John Hicks likes to go to the plate ready to hack.  He is batting .583 in the first pitch of at-bats over the last month.

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