Best Baseball Batting Tees to Level Up Your Swinging Game

Best Baseball Batting Tees

People have been practicing with batting tees since forever, and it was proven to be effective in leveling up your swinging game. In fact, among all the practicing aids, hitting a ball from a batting tee is the best way to practice your muscle memory as the ball will stay in one place for you to hit it until you finally master that swing. In today’s article, we will provide you with some of the best baseball batting tees that have taken the market by storm, and ways to pick out a suitable tee to meet your needs.

Benefits of Practicing with A Batting Tee

A batting tee will come in handy when you don’t have anyone to hone your swing with. Little did you know practicing with your tee is one of the best ways to keep your techniques crisp and clean. Some people are mistaken that only beginners should use batting tees, and eventually, they ought to outgrow them. This assumption was proved to be utterly wrong as big designated hitters are still working off batting tees to improve their swings every day. If you still don’t buy it, here are some benefits of practicing with a batting tee:

  • The ball kept in one place enables you to get better at swinging, and level up your skills before long. If you’re a beginner, the extra stability a batting tee provides can be a dealbreaker to help get you to the intermediate level effortlessly.
  • There is no limit in practicing with a batting tee. You can practice hitting the ball and take multiple swings anywhere, even in the most confined spaces. All you need is a bat and a batting tee!
  • The height of a tee can be adjusted if you want to focus on practicing certain drills.

For instance, if you have trouble hitting pitches down the middle, you can set the tee down to that particular contact point and start hitting. By doing this, you’re enhancing your muscle memory and hitting mechanics.

Tanner Heavy Batting Tee – Best Base Design Tee


At first glance, the Tanner Heavy Batting Tee design might look a bit strange to you. This tee isn’t any ordinary tee you find out there; it is a pro-style tee that comes with several handy features that you will appreciate. The best thing about this tee has got to be the base design. It gives the tee stability on both home plate or flat ground. Beginners, especially kids, can make the most of this feature because they can visualize better with an actual home plate. What is more, the patented tip design makes you feel as if you’re swinging the bat to hit an actual off-speed rather than hitting the tee. However, since the tee is lightweight, it will be knocked over whenever you mis-hit the ball. This is a pain in the neck and a waste of practice time when you constantly have to pick up the tee. Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • The specially-designed base for multi-uses
  • Solid steel frame
  • Optimal weight distribution


  • Quite pricey
  • Knocked-over easily

Final Verdict: Tanner Heavy Batting Tee makes an excellent option for beginners if you’re not shopping on a budget. Thanks to its unique base, you’re going to feel as though you’re actually hitting an off-speed.

Jugs T – Best Tee for Stability


Jugs T targets more advanced, professional hitters with its durability, which can stand up to year after year of abuse. What people love about this tee is the stability it offers. The tee itself is made of highly polished aluminum with a rock-solid metal base to remain still even when you swing the bat too low. No wobbling, moving forward, or falling down! Since the base is covered with rubber, you don’t have to worry about it scuffing the floor if you practice inside. The problem is, the upper tee stem tends to slip up with each swing, but you won’t really notice until it has come down. This requires continuous adjustment, which can be very time-consuming. Pros

  • Adjustable height
  • Great stability
  • One-year warranty
  • Rubber-covered base
  • Easy setup


  • Prone to slippage

Final Verdict: Jugs T is just what you need if you’re looking for a durable pro-style tee with great stability.

Tanner Tee The Original – Best Tee for Durability


Tanner Tee The Original is the OG in professional baseball, known for its remarkable quality and durability. The durability of this tee is no joke. Most tees tend to break after just 50 swings or so, but not with Tanner Tee The Original. It is not exaggerating to say this tee will last a lifetime! Part of the reason it is so flexible is that it features a flex top while other standard tees usually come with a hard rubber top, which means your bat will likely bounce back rather than break the top. Another reason why people are still fond of this tee from Tanner is the reasonable price. It has been on sale for quite some time, so the price tends to lower little by little. So, is there a catch to this product? Of course! Since it weighs just a little more than 8 pounds, it falls down super easily. It is recommended that you put a barbell weight of 5 or 10 pounds on top of the base to have better stability. Pros

  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Good-looking construction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Several options for size


  • Unstable base

Final Verdict: Costing just a bit more than $70, Tanner Tee The Original is no doubt a no brainer that ticks all the boxes in terms of quality and durability.

MacGregor Batting Tee – Best Tee for Kid-Beginners


The MacGregor Batting Tee comes to the market at an incredibly low price, just around $30! So, is this tee worth to be taken into consideration? Let’s find out! The design is straightforward and simple, featuring black plastic material with rubber components. The base is made of solid metal to maintain excellent stability to hold up against a thousand hits you make. Besides, the height is adjustable to help you practice from different hitting angles. It can even come down very low for little kids to practice easier, which is another plus to this product. Of course, you can’t expect much from this low-priced tee. Some people may find the rubber smell to be annoying. Another commonly seen problem with this tee is the top tube. After a time of use, it tends to slip approximately 4 inches down. Pros

  • Solid metal base
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Simple, sturdy design
  • Affordable


  • Not very durable

Final Verdict: The MacGregor Batting Tee will help kid-beginners get better at baseball thanks to the adjustable height and stability to withstand abuse.

ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee – Best Tee to Offer The Feeling of Practicing with A Real Pitcher


The ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee belongs to the more high-end class of batting tees. So, will you get what you pay in return? Your swinging game will be brought to a whole new level thanks to the helically wrapped composite cone of this tee. To be more specific, the friction when you hit the ball is reduced to an incredible extent that it feels like a real pitch. Not only just that, but the durability is also improved significantly owing to this distinctive design. The height can be adjusted at ease to help you practice more effectively without having to spend too much time regulating the tee to your desired height. In addition, more portability is added when this tee can be disassembled within a few steps. However, it is quite disappointing to know that the ATEC T3 still needs some added weights to keep it upright, given the money you pay for it. Pros

  • Reduced friction
  • Adjusted height
  • Portable
  • Great durability
  • Suitable for both newbies and pros


  • Need extra weights
  • Pricey

Final Verdict: Those who want to feel as if you’re practicing with a real pitcher, opt for the ATEC T3 Professional Batting Tee.

EASTON DELUXE Batting Tee – Best Tee for Your Budget


The EASTON DELUXE Batting Tee is another budget pick on our list today, but don’t overlook this rubber tee! It is said to be one of the best rubber batting tees of its class. Rubber tees usually can’t last for a long time, but the EASTON DELUXE Batting Tee has proven to be a worthwhile investment when it can take a beating from the bat multiple times without scratching even just a bit. For a rubber construction, it is very sturdy compared to some other metal made tees. It doesn’t need added weight to remain non-wobbly and still. In fact, some people were surprised that the tee is quite hefty, given the fact that it is made of pure rubber. The only problem seems to be the height adjustment. It cannot go as low as some people want it to be, especially those who bought this tee for young children. Pros

  • Reasonably priced
  • Sturdy rubber construction
  • Doesn’t need added weight
  • Excellent stability
  • Very durable


  • Cannot go too low

Final Verdict: The EASTON DELUXE Batting Tee will make you think again about rubber tees as it is one of the best tees on the market in terms of durability and price.


How do I know if I purchased the right fit?

There are many factors involved, but at the end of the day, what it really comes down to is your purpose of use. Regular tees are simply stands that hold the ball for you while trainers are made for serious hitters as they often feature pre-assembled balls and special mechanisms. Trainers come with more exclusive features, which is why they also cost a lot more than normal tees. Since trainers are quite big and heavy, it’s harder to move them around. Those who want to practice multiple hitting skills in one place should go for a trainer. On the other hand, a standard batting tee is suitable for people who don’t require much but basic features. Some folks also enjoy that old-school feeling of hitting a ball off the tee, so it also comes down to the matter of preference.

What are the things to keep in mind when choosing a batting tee?

First thing first, durability. You’re going to abuse this thing a lot. Whether you want it or not, you’re basically hitting the tee over and over again! For that reason, your batting tee should be made of high-quality material to make sure it doesn’t come in pieces after just a few swings. The height is another important factor to look into when you choose a batting tee. Always purchase one with an adjustable height base! Remember, the size of batting tees for kids and adults varies. Buying a tee with adjustable height allows you to practice swinging from different positions as pitches in baseball games never remain in one spot. Next, the design scheme. A good batting tee is one that doesn’t move when you hit the ball with great force. Slight moves are acceptable, but it’s a no-no if the base trembles a lot when your bat hits the ball. Finally, the brand. Some brands offer outstanding quality tees, but when anything goes wrong, they disappear! By disappear, we mean, it’s hard to get in touch with their customer support department. And even if you can, they’re not very helpful either.

In Closing

Even though we have narrowed the best baseball batting tees options down to six, it is still going to be a tough call to choose one from the list. We personally recommend the Tanner Heavy Batting Tee as this batting tee fills the bill regarding its multi-use feature. The tee can be used both indoor and outdoor while providing the same efficiency.


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