How Jack Morris and Mark Fidrych Will Always be Linked.

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Tigers fans often wonder how great Mark Fidrych might have been had injuries not derailed his short-lived career.
Fidrych steamrolled baseball in 1976, winning 19 games and led the American League in ERA at 2.34.  But in 1977, the phenom’s road to greatness hit a road bump that would eventually lead to the end of his once promising career.

Not Your Average Joe

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Sometimes we forget they’re just like us. Athletic ability tends to obscure the fact that professional athletes have their personal challenges too. Tigers reliever Joe Jimenez has had his share. Jimenez is a native of Puerto Rico, and when Hurricane Maria unleashed its Category 5 wrath on the Caribbean island last year, many families were …

Cleat Sheet-April 6, 2018

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The Cleat Sheet is a CliffsNotes collection of in-depth statistical tidbits about current Tigers players.  Follow @InsideEdgeScout and @fangraphs on twitter for more statistical notes. Jose Iglesias doesn’t strikeout much against left-handed pitching.  He has an 8% strikeout rate against vs LHP since the start of the 2016 season, lowest in MLB.  Last year he …

A Major Building Block to the Tigers Next Contender

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When the Detroit Tigers fully committed to a rebuild of the organization last year, they found a trade partner in the Chicago Cubs.  The Tigers shipped lefty Justin Wilson and Alex Avila to the Cubs for Chicago’s top prospect, Jeimer Candelario and infielder Isaac Paredes. As a minor leaguer, Candelario showed flashes of power and …

Tiger Stadium Never Could Hold Willie Horton

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Long before Willie Horton became a leader both on and off the field for the Detroit Tigers, the eventual four-time All-Star was making his mark on the high school and sandlot fields of Detroit. He was known as “Willie the Wonder” as a youth.


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They didn’t seem like much at the time. A pair of skinny kids running out to the middle of the diamond at Fenway Park on September 9, 1977. One grew up in San Diego, while the other one hailed from a small town on the southern border of Virginia.  Alan Trammell was just 19 years old when he made his major league debut that night and his running mate was only 20.  No one could have predicted what the next 20 years would hold for the duo.

Boyd’s Breakout?

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It’s a slippery slope for a young pitcher in March.  The balancing act between working on certain pitches in spring training and pitching well enough to make the team. Veterans have a clear advantage by spending spring training honing certain parts of their game if they choose.  If Jordan Zimmermann wants to add a new …