Mario Impemba
founded Pro Baseball Detroit in 2018.  Impemba has over 30 years of professional baseball broadcasting experience with minor league stops in Peoria, IL, Davenport, IA and Tucson AZ.  His major league experience includes seven seasons as the radio voice of the Los Angeles Angels and seventeen seasons as the television voice of the Detroit Tigers. He is currently a member of the Boston Red Sox radio team.


Dan Hasty is currently the radio voice of the West Michigan Whitecaps.  Hasty, a Sterling Heights native,  was voted the Midwest League Broadcaster of the Year in 2017.  He also serves as the radio voice of the Detroit Mercy men’s basketball team.  Based In Grand Rapids, MI,  Hasty has also filled in on the Detroit Tigers radio network.



A.J. Reilly is the international award-winning author of The Askren Boys. He takes his love of the Detroit Tigers and passion for history and marries them here on Pro Baseball Detroit–focusing his attention storytelling of days gone by. He lives in Metro-Detroit with his wife, Jessica; son, Jack; and will welcome a daughter in the fall of 2019. To find out more about A.J. check out:


About the Logo

The Pro Baseball Detroit logo pays homage to the Corktown neighborhood where the original incarnation of Tiger Stadium was located.  It was originally known as Bennett Park and the original footprint of the park is featured in the logo.



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