Mr. Rogers Changes his Neighborhood

The last time the Tigers had a third round pick from Tulane on their roster, it was 2005.  A middle infielder by the name of Tony Giarratano debuted in the big leagues at age 22 for the Tigers.  A lifetime .301 hitter in the minor leagues, Giarratano appeared in only 15 games for the Tigers and hit only .143.  He was never heard from again. The Tigers have bigger plans for another third rounder out of Tulane name Jake Rogers.

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A Long Summers Day

Ed Summers’ name is rarely mentioned among great hurlers in Tigers history.  Verlander, Newhouser, and Lolich?  Sure.  But Summers never gets a mention.  

Perhaps the fact that he pitched for the Detroiters long ago in the early 1900’s is one reason why.  Or maybe it’s because he pitched for only five seasons in the Old English D.

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